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Although we are in the midst of a major snowfall, spring is just around the corner.  

I will be gone for a few days in March and will NOT be tutoring Wednesday, March 11.  Please update your calendar. 

And please let me know if you make plans to travel or take days off for a Winter or Spring Break.  I'll update mine.  📅 😊

Thank you! 

I have updated the calendar on my website with upcoming dates for which there will be no tutoring sessions.  

  • August 28-September 6          End of Summer Break
  • October 16th                             MEA Break
  • November 6-8                           International Dyslexia Conference

And now that children are seemingly growing up with a digital screen in each hand, Wolf says it’s also important that teachers and parents make sure kids are taking some time away from scattered reading. Adults need to ensure that children also practice the deeper, slow reading that we associate with books on paper.                            Dr. Marynne Wolf

I love my iPad and Kindle app, but for certain types of reading there is no substitute for an actual paper book. I can comprehend and retain complex material much better on paper.

I came across this article again today which explains why this is 

Although the article is a couple of years old, research continues to support this conclusion.  We read differently when we read digital media. It is important for all of us to vary our reading, and to include reading from paper books because it uses a different part of our brain.

As we assemble our summer reading lists for ourselves and our children, let's be sure to include some old fashioned paper books.  😎